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Correlate well data with seismic data 2D/3D to optimize and efficient geophysical workflow for your company.

Seismic Well Tie

Synthetic seismogram is a tool to correlate well data with seismic data 2D/3D. Mainly synthetics seismogram was used to define marker where correlate with seismic event. The synthetic seismogram purposed wider for in exploration geophysics. We will more benefit from synthetic seismogram to optimize and efficient geophysical workflow for your company.

  1. Seismic well tie catalog for key well exploration and appraisal would give more benefit and time efficiency by produce calibrated checkshot, calibrated geological marker with seismic marker and hard copy of synthetic seismogram atlas. This Atlas will be simple guide book to share between geoscientist.
  2. Synthetic project which able to use as master project to save synthetic product, marker, checkshot and wavelet. This information is useable for further project such as Velocity model, Depth conversion, inversion and other G&G purpose.
  3. Seismic data quality will also notify in synthetic seismogram atlas such as seismic phase rotation and static shifting in well location. This information is important when the data will use to velocity modelling.
  4. Lithology indication from seismic respond. This information give an idea about facies change, diagenesis and fluid contain.
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