Geodwipa Expert Team Profile

Our experts are comprised of experienced, professional and qualified staff from across multidisciplinary team and expertise, provides consulting and training for Oil and Gas industry.

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Development Geologist Advisor

A Professional in Development Geologist over 31 years’ experience internationally in the oil and gas industry. Exposure in managing partners and budget control related to subsurface technical operations. Hands-on experience reservoir management, manage and facilitate in fields, well review (e.g. IRFMP, FRW and FFR) to maximize oil and gas recovery. To manage the implementation of partners Production and Operations activities in compliance with JOA/PSC and cost optimization including review of ARPR/PGSS/AFE/ABR. Production enhancement, review and manage the planning and implementation of strategies for production excellent of workover, infill wells drilling, water and gas injections.

Drilling Superintendent

An established Well Construction Engineer with Floater Operations, 3D ERD wells, HPHT & MPD experience outside of normal conventional land operations. Total of 40 wells planned and 29 wells drilled. Petroleum Engineer background with MBA Degree and 15 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience within Service and Operator Company.

Explorationist Advisor

35 years experience in Geology, mostly as Petroleum Geologist, Hidrocarbon Explorationist and Stratigrapher in Stratigraphy and Silisiclastic/Carbonate Petrology. Has extensive experience in sequence stratigraphy analysis, especially in the field of siliciclastic and carbonate rocks sedimentology for hydrocarbon prospecting and development. Had conducted many research and collaboration work with universities, government and oil companies and written many geology journals.

Geomodeler Advisor

A Professional in geomodeling with 20-years international experience in oil and gas industry as specialist in Geomodeling/Development Geology. Able to utilize Geoscience’s applications from Schlumberger, Halliburton, Roxar to yield a strong analysis and interpretation of geosciences. It is including sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy, geological modelling and geostatistics (deterministic to stochastic modeling from structural, facies, property, up-scaling, volumetric and uncertainty through well planning), fracture modelling, reservoir characterization and risk analysis in both siliciclastic and carbonate reservoirs. Have a good understanding of petroleum engineering and petroleum economics, including field development plan, production and operational support. Also have a broad experience in lecturing and course guiding (development geology, geomodeling and geostatistics).

Geophysicist Advisor

A Professional in Geophysicist with more than 20 years international experience in oil and gas industry. Hands-on experience in land 3D and 2D land/marine seismic time processing from raw gathers to PreStack Time Migration as well as post processing works such as bandwidth balancing, time alignment, smashing, etc. Capable to build velocity model via refraction tomography (shallow) and depth gathers analysis (deep) for PSDM input as well as Q and anisotropic models for QPSDM and Anisotropic PSDM. Performed various of geophysical tasks such as seismic inversion, seismic multiattributes, generation of lithology indicators A+B and Vp/Vs via angle stacks inversion, AVO, rocks physics analysis in both clastics and carbonate environments. Experienced in seismic interpretation scope of works such as well seismic tie, horizon interpretation, generate time structure maps, time to depth conversion including horizon keyed velocity model building and seismic viz.

Petrophysicist Advisor

A professional in Petrophysicist. Have very extensive experience in Cased Hole and Open Hole interpretation, real time data delivery, and surveillance petrophysic, with 25 years experience working in oil and gas industry. He started his career with an international oilfield service company in various position either in technical or managerial positions such as wireline field engineer, wireline field service manager, senior petrophsics, petrophysics team leader and now he has been working in an international oil company Advisor - Petrophysics.