Geodwipa Expert Team Profile

Our experts are comprised of experienced, professional and qualified staff from across multidisciplinary team and expertise, provides consulting and training for Oil and Gas industry.

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Senior Geochemist

A Professional in Geochemist. His research interest are unconventional energy resources, CO2-Geological Storage and Coal Geology. He have various working experiences, research and publication related to his interest: characterization of REE in coal seam and the extraction methods, charcoal analysis to estimate paleo-temperature, potential source of rare earth element (REE), coal Bed Methane prospect and potential, tectonostratigraphic Project, the correlation between coal swelling and permeability during CO2 sequestration, numerical modelling and simulation of CO2-ECBMR: the effect of coal swelling on gas deliverability, the effect of megascopic texture on swelling of a low rank coal in supercritical carbon dioxide, swelling Measurements of a Low rank Coal in Supercritical CO2.

Senior Geophysicist

Having 17 years experiences in Oil industry. Having spent most of the time in Geophysical jobs with strong record in Geology & Geophysics Evaluation, New Venture, Seismic Acquisition & Processing, Seismic Interpretation, Structural Mapping (Time and Depth), Leads and Prospects generation and maturation, compiling well proposal and report post drilling. In addition, having additional skill in G & G Data Management. Having worked in 7 (Seven) Sedimentary Basins during the career : North Sumatra Basin (Clastic & Carbonates), South Sumatra Basin (Clastic), Natuna Basin (Clastic), NW Java basin (Clastic), NE Java Basin (Clastic), Tarakan Basin (Clastic) and Salawati Basin (Carbonates)

Senior Operation Geologist/Well Site Geologist

Has more than 15 years experience as Operation Geologist, Well Site Geologist, Mud Logger in many company of oil industry. Has total 63 wells to date as Well Site Geologist, among other else in South Sumatra Basin, South Natuna Sea, Arafura Basin, South Makasar Basin, Arch Basin Block, and so on. Also master some software: Geologix, R-web, Gravitas and Winlog for Gravitas, and Equipose. Certified in OPITO accreditated: BOSIET/FUET/HUET.

Senior Petrophysicist

Senior Petrophysicist with more than 20 years of experience in single well/multi well petrophysical analysis. International working experience as Petrophysicist/Log Analyst (Open Hole and Cased Hole). Proven track record of accomplishments in working with as a team. Training other people in Open Hole and Cased Hole data acquisition and interpretation. Experience as an Open Hole and Cased Hole Petrophysicist (clastics and carbonates), experience in interpretation and processing of wireline and LWD/MWD logs, experience in using Geolog, Techlog, GeoFrame, Linux, InterAct.

Senior Petrophysicist and ImageLog Specialist

More than 15 years of international experience in the Oilfield Geosciences (Operators, Service and Consultancy) which is includes: operation and subsurface geology, exploration, integrated reservoir studies (static & dynamic data), field development activities, production optimization and reservoirs exploitation in clastics (conventional and unconventional) and carbonates reservoir. Has distinct experience in advance ImageLog and Petrophysical Analysis. Experience in advance Image-log interpretation, both of Wireline product and LWD product, with variety of formation types (Carbonate, Clastic- Coal environment). Experience in Petrophysical Analysis (deterministic; Shaley-sand and complex reservoir).Experience in Facies Analysis (Manual or Neural Network). Experience in Sequence Stratigraphy Analysis. Experience in Fracture Analysis (Fracture density, fracture clustering, Fracture Aperture & Fracture porosity Analysis). Experience in Image enhanced Porosity and Permeability Analysis and Integrated analysis. Solid understanding of the relationship of Drilling & Evaluation and Earth Sciences in the petroleum industry.

Senior Software Support

21 years of experience in Oil & Gas Industry. Expert in Paradigm’s Petrophysical & Geological Analysis Tool – Geolog Applications. Excellent knowledge in log analysis and Formation Evaluation Workflows, as well as log data types acquired by various logging companies. Excellent capabilities in Geolog loglan programming and Tcl/Tk scripting as well as UNIX/LINUX shell script languages including AWK. Strong knowledge in Paradigm’s Seismic Interpretation & Modeling Suite - VoxelGeo, Stratimagic, Explorer and Imap Applications. Strong knowledge in Paradigm’s Epos Infrastructure & Data Management System as well as link utility to Geoframe & OpenWork Seismic & Well databases. Good knowledge in data communication & connectivity among G&G and Reservoir Software - Epos, Geoframe & OpenWork, Petrel, and ProSource databases.