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Discipline : A. Geology-Geomodeling Course / 2. Petroleum Geology
Duration : 3 Days
Level : Skilled
Delivery Mechanism : Classroom

Prospect Maturation and Evaluation, From a Lead to Drillable Prospect [Online Training]

This 3-day course covers the major aspects and essential elements to generate and evaluate play and prospect for hydrocarbon exploration. This course offers a qualitative and quantitative play/prospect assessment procedure. It is mostly focused on the evaluation of geologic uncertainties and risks, and practical procedure to quantify opportunities in the exploration phase.
This course explains how risks and volumes can be assessed in a realistic manner, based on a sound understanding of the geological details of the prospect as well as of its regional geological setting and current play understanding.

At the end of the course the participants will have a good understanding of the essentials for realistic risk and volume assessments of exploration prospects.

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Day 1
•    Exploration workflow 
•    Risks, Volumes and Uncertainty
•    Petroleum systems Elements 
•    Prospects and Plays
•    Play assessment and play fairway maps
•    Prospects and Portfolios
•    Prospect maturation workflow

Day 2
Source, Charge and Timing of Hydrocarbon Migration
•    Source Rocks
•    Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration 
•    Impact of source rock types and timing issues for charge assessment
•    Petroleum System Approach 
Traps and Reservoirs
•    Traps
•    Traps in important hydrocarbon settings 
•    Trap types
•    Risk and uncertainties associated with hydrocarbon traps
•    Reservoir 
•    Risk and uncertainties associated with reservoirs
•    Reservoir in difference depositional environment and their typical characteristics and risks
Seals and Pressure 
•    Seals and pressures
•    Mechanisms of seal failures
•    Risk and uncertainties associated with reservoirs

Day 3
Risks and Volumes 
•    Risk assessment 
•    Practical exercise on prospect risk assessment
•    Volume Calculation
•    Practical exercise on prospect volume calculation
•    Stacked Reservoir, dependencies and probabilistic roll up.
Exploration economics
•    Introduction to exploration economics
•    Basic economic value of prospects
•    Impact of direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHIs) on probability of success (POS)
•    Local example and Case study discussion
Geoscientists, geophysicist and geologists who working in exploration, for prospect portfolio analysts and for their direct supervisors. It is also a very instructive course for staff from disciplines working closely with exploration staff, such as petrophysicists and reservoir engineers and other E&P staff
20 years international experience in oil and gas industry, Master degree in Reservoir Geophysics Former Advisor Geophysicist Hess International Senior Specialist/Chief Geophysicist KUFPEC KUWAIT

This training course is a 3 days program that has different subjects in each day. During this course, participants will get elaborate studies about these subjects.
The accommodation during the course includes: training kit, training material, certificate, free coffee break, lunch per day during the course and once dinner.

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