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Discipline : Drilling / Drilling Technology
Duration : 3 Days
Level : Foundation
Delivery Mechanism : Classroom

Drilling for Non-Drillers [Virtual Training]

During this drilling for non-drillers training program participants will learn firm foundation in Drilling Engineering by understanding the lifecycle of a well planning from cradle to the grave. Attendees will experience a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and integrated management course that will involve operations, personnel, administration, finance, and legal functions.

Participant will have the opportunity to learn about well planning from the drilling engineer’s perspective. Other topics in this drilling training that will be covered include tendering and contracting strategy, project finance and administration, supply chain management, and project closeouts. QHSE management systems, risk management processes, levels of risk management, and operational risk management and analysis will also be covered.

The main goal of this training will be to teach participants how to understand the mindset of the drilling department especially in a high cost environment.

By the end of this drilling training, participants should be familiar with the key issues and principles associated with drilling projects planning and execution, as well as how to assist in delivering the value chain process as part of the drilling team and to communicate efficiently to increase the value of a project.

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Oil and Gas Industry:
  • Drilling Project Management
  • Drillling part in O&G Company (PSC lifecycle)
  • General Rig Type and Rig Equipments. (with video "make a hole")
  • Offshore Support Base & Logistic planning (overview)

Drilling Engineering:
  • Drilling Activities and Challenges
  • Directional drilling Casing & Cementing
  • Drillling Fluid
  • Data Acquisition dll
  • Drilling Problem: stuckpipe, wellcontrol —> equipment readiness dan contract issue

Drilling Engineering Link to other department:
  • Logistic flow : Stock Material & Rental equipment movement
  • ITC - Close out
  • Manpower management for supporting drilling activity
Drilling for Non-Drillers Training is set for the management of resources with on-going or planned drilling operations. It is also suitable for junior drilling department staff, drilling technical administrators, analysts, legal department, secretarial, project management team, Insurance Valuator and Specialist, finance department, supply chain & procurement department as well as personnel and HR department.
Has total of more then 24 years experience in Drilling and Completion Engineering.Had more than 7 years overseas assignment with BP. Worked as Sr. Drilling Engineer & Drilling Engineering Team Leader in Oman and Azerbaijan. Specialties: Drilling Engineering and Operations for Offshore and Onshore wells.
This Drilling for Non-Drillers Training will be held through Online Training Platform with minimum 5-10 participants. The accommodation during the course includes: E-Module, Certificate, and E-Learning.

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