Geodwipa Training Services

Discipline : J. Geological Field Trip / 1. Virtual Field Trip
Duration : 3 Days
Level : Skilled
Delivery Mechanism : Fieldtrip

Virtual Vlog Geological Field Trip

Virtual Vlog Geological Field Trip is a combination of virtual online webinar & video blog (vlog) to enhance people understanding from various geological objects to provide a framework for searching for subsurface oil and gas reserves. Vlog is video-tapping of some geological objects which will be result a comprehensive explanation video with engaging illustrations. Virtual Online Webinar is Virtual online meeting between field trip instructor and all participants using VGEMS Platform to answer all questions from participants after watching the video in VGEMS.


Our Portfolio :

  1. Petroleum Geology of North East Java Basin with Indonesian Geophysicist Association (HAGI) : watch here
  2. Regional Geology of South and North Serayu Mountains (Department of Geological Engineering UGM) : watch here

Virtual Vlog Geological Field Trip Technical Plan
  1. Pre Production (5 active days), includes script writting, preparation of equipments, tickets, route, accomodation, consumption, etc.
  2. Onstream Production (2-5 active days depends on the location)
  3. Post Production (1 months) includes editing, finishing, and Delivery in VGEMS Learning Management System
Petroleum Geology of Northeast Java Basin Field Trip is set for Geologist, Geophysicist, Petrophysicist, & Engineers who are interested to know the Petroleum Geology in Northeast Java Basin
Field trip leader is from Departemen Teknik Geologi Universitas Gadjah Mada with PhD or Doctor degree in geology
This Virtual Vlog Geological Field Trip will be conducted on demand based on client needs accross January - December. It will be held in VGEMS Learning Management System. The deliverables of this Virtual Vlog Geological Field Trip is :
  • 14 days of On Stream with Full High Quality Video (HD)
  • 1 days (4 hours) Virtual Online Webinar using VGEMS Platform with 500++ participants in one meeting room
  • Full Raw Photo and Video will be delivered to client
  • Engaging Geological Illustrations
  • Professional Field Trip Leader with 20 years of experience
  • E-Certificates for all participants
  • Unlimited participants