Geodwipa Training Services

Discipline : J. Geological Field Trip / 3. Field Trip Locations
Duration : 5 Days
Level : Skilled
Delivery Mechanism : Fieldtrip

(SUMATERA) Toba Super Volcano and Geothermal Potensial of North Sumatra, Medan - Tarutung, North Sum

Tens of thousands of years ago, the eruption of Toba's supervolcano was recorded in the genetic history of mankind as the cause of the almost disappearance of this species. Now, the shadow of the threat of recurrent natural disaster, the traces of the eruption present the beauty and richness of nature. This fieldtrip invites the participants to visit key locations to learn how the most powerful process of volcanism has occurred in the past, and how humans can benefit from the geothermal energy potential of the magma heat far below for the common good. The participants will be also guided to local tourism destinations in Medan and Toba Lake.

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Day Main Field Trip Activity Geotourism
1 Arrival in Medan and technical briefing Maimum palace and Ucok Durian culinary tour
2 Observation and discussion about Toba Super Volcano in Parapat Lake Toba tour
3 Observation and discussion about Sumatra fault system and geothermal potential in Tarutung Tamaro hot spring tour
4 Observation and discussion about Toba super volcano in Singkam Tele tower tour
5 Departure from Medan Souvenir shopping tour
Toba Super Volcano and Geothermal Potensial of North Sumatra Field Trip is set for Geologist, Geophysicist, Petrophysic, Engineers who are interested to know the regional geology of Toba Super Volcano and Geothermal Potensial of North Sumatra, Indonesia
Field trip leader is from Departemen Teknik Geologi Universitas Gadjah Mada with PhD or Doctor degree in geology.
Every month from January - December based on the minimum participants quota (minimum 15 participants). The training will be delivered in field trip. The accommodation during the course are included: free B/L/D during the course, field trip gears, insurance, geotourism and city tour.

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