Geodwipa Training Choices

Discipline : Software / Seismic Interpretation
Duration : 3 Days
Level : Advanced
Delivery Mechanism : Classroom

Mastering Seismic Processing Application: Omega (2D/3D Land and Marine)

In this course,seismic processing training, participant(s) will be trained to have broad knowledge and general practical expertise in how to use Omega as one of the powerful seismic processing applications available in the market.

The course covers entire steps required in processing seismic data: generating  omega project, creating New Survey, Stage and Punit, develop omega job,  parameterization, running, data management, visualization and error handling.

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Day 1
  • Seismic I/O (Omega and SEGY)
  • Geometry: Reading SPS Files and Geometry Assignment
  • Elevation, Refraction and Residual Statics
  • Noise Attenuations: Ground-roll, Anomalous Amplitude Attenuation, Random Noise Attenuation
  • Surface Consistent Amplitude Compensation
  • Surface Consistent Deconvolution
  • Residual Amplitude Analysis and Compensation
Day 2
  • Spatially Continuous Velocity Analysis
  • High Resolution Radon
  • Interpolation
  • Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Time Migration
  • Normal Move Out
  • Mute Design and Application
  • Non Rigid Matching: Displacement and Application
Day 3
  • Datum and Stack
  • InVA (Interactive Velocity Analysis) Project Setup
  • First Break Picking
  • Wavelet Processing
  • Angle Stack Design
  • Global Parameter Database, Interactive, Batch and Schedule Batch Job Submission, etc
This Seismic Processing Training is set for Geophysicists and Seismic Processing Geophysicists staff who process seismic data and need exposure to processing techniques
A seismic processor and geophysical specialist with more than 18 years international experience in oil and gas industry. Hands-on experience in land 3D and 2D land/marine seismic time processing from raw gathers to PreStack Time Migration as well as post processing works such as bandwidth balancing, time alignment, smashing, etc. Capable to build velocity model via refraction tomography (shallow) and depth gathers analysis (deep) for PSDM input as well as Q and anisotropic models for QPSDM and Anisotropic PSDM. Performed various of geophysical tasks such as seismic inversion, seismic multiattributes, generation of lithology indicators A+B and Vp/Vs via angle stacks inversion, AVO, rocks physics analysis in both clastics and carbonate environments. Experienced in seismic interpretation scope of works such as well seismic tie, horizon interpretation, generate time structure maps, time to depth conversion including horizon keyed velocity model building and seismic viz.
Location Start Date End Date PriceRegister
In House 30 Nov -0001 30 Nov -0001 1200 USD/person Register
In House 30 Nov -0001 30 Nov -0001 1500 USD/person Register
This Mastering Seismic Processing Application: Omega (2D/3D Land and Marine) Training is based on client demand, every month from January - December based on the minimum participants quota (minimum 2 participants, maximum 5 participants per class). It is a classroom training which will be held in-house in client whose Omega has been installed in their office. It may be held in Indonesia or other neighboring countries.

The accommodation during the course includes: training kit, training material, certificate, free B/L/D.