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Discipline : Software / Corporate Data Management
Duration : 4 Days
Level : Foundation
Delivery Mechanism : Classroom

Practical Techniques to manage Corporate Data

This training teaches you the fundamental concepts and workflows required to support the corporate data store needs of the Petroleum industry using the functionalities of the ProSource suite.

This training covers the functionalities and procedures needed to run data loading, validation, quality control, and export workflows in the ProSource Enterprise module. The course excludes an overview of the basic concepts of the ProSource Seabed data model as it applies to ProSource Enterprise.

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Day 1
Overview and Introduction for ProSource Enterprise
  • Introduction of ProSource Enterprise
  • Overview of Well Data model in Seabed
  • Data browsing and searching in Prosource Enterprise
  • Create query and visualize data using table rows and GISMap
Day 2
Overview of Data Loading and QC
  • Basic data formatting and data loading for well
  • How to QC data before and after data loading
  • Data formatting and data loading for Deviation Survey
  • How to QC data before and after data loading
  • Data loading (marker, checkshot) and QC
Day 3
Overview and Introduction of ProSource Log
  • Introduction to ProSource Log
  • Overview of Log data model in Seabed
  • Overview of Log Data Format (LAS, LIS, DLIS, PDS, etc.)
  • Log data loading and QC
  • Data loading problem resolution
Day 4
Data analysis, visualization, transfer / exprort to other aplication
  • example of user query for data analysis
  • Advanced data visualization in ProSource (create views to display data)
  • Data export to other format or other application (Studio, Petrel, Openworks, etc.)
Data Management Specialist responsible for data acquisition, data QC and data loading as well as data visualization and integration to other application
Widodo Nugroho has 20-years experience in oil and gas industry. Able to utilize Corporate data management’s applications from Schlumberger and Halliburton to export, transform/format and load data and carry out analysis and interpretation of geoscience data.
Location Start Date End Date PriceRegister
In House 30 Nov -0001 30 Nov -0001 1200 USD/person Register
This Practical Techniques to Manage Corporate Data Training is based on client demand, every month from January - December based on the minimum participants quota (minimum 2 participants, maximum 5 participants per class). It is a classroom training which will be held in-house in client whose ProSource has been installed in their office. It may be held in Indonesia or other neighboring countries.

The accommodation during the course includes: training kit, training material, certificate, free B/L/D.